MR. CELLULITE was started from Lipo Laser Boot Camp.

Lipo Laser Boot Camp is an awesome business and we always had 5 STAR reviews but most of my clients was connected to Fitness or Body Building and I was missing something that mostly women complained about and the was Cellulite.

I created MR. CELLULITE to help with Sculpting & Contouring your Cellulite and we have mastered it with our skills combined  with the equipment listed below:

1: Lipo Laser to KILL the fat.

2: Far-Infrared to HEAT it up.

3: Percussive Massage to BREAK it up.

4: Oscillating Massage to MOVE IT OUT the way.

5: Whole Body Vibration for LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE.

6: Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for Muscle Toning.

7: MR. CELLULITE Secret Lotion to SMOOTH it out.

If you feel the need to incorporate a great workout with your CELLULITE treatments then please reach out to SMART BOXING STUDIOS (www.SMARTBOXINGSTUDIOS.com) located in the same building or we can do On-Line Coaching also.

BOX-2B-FIT BOXING CLUBS, INC. Veteran Owned Business
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